<aside> 💡 Q: What will I earn from my creative contributions to the WoM story universe?

A: What differentiates WoM from a traditional Hollywood writers room is that the writers at the table get to own their work. The more you contribute in the WoM writers room, the more points you receive—and these points will not only earn you equity in the IP being created in perpetuity, but also unlock perks (think exclusive access to Hollywood talent, career advancement opportunities, events and more!)

Q: I'm already working on my own project. How will WoM help me get it made?

A: There will be a pitch competition for all WoM members to pitch their own independent projects! After a careful selection process by our illustrious jury that includes Stephanie Smith (Carnival Row, John Wick Continental), Lawrence Bender (Pulp Fiction, Good Will Hunting) and Scott Rosenbaum (Chuck, The Shield), winners’ projects will be optioned and further developed and packaged for film & TV by Jumpcut Media (the team behind WoM) and agency WME.

We also designed the educational resources and guest speakers for the 7-week WoM program with professional and aspiring creators in mind. We aim to provide you with the inspiration and community to grow your craft and career.